Project financed with the financial support of RO10 – CORAI, program financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund

Code: PEH022

Period of project: May 7, 2015 – October 31, 2016

Budget: 851.000 lei

Project Promoter: Association of SOS Children’s Villages Romania

Partner: DGASPC Sibiu

The area of the project: Sibiu County, 64 localities (53 communes and 11 cities and municipalities)

The project aims to help improve the lives of children in Sibiu by knowing the real situation of children in the county and creating the necessary framework for greater cooperation between authorities at local and county level, as well as between public authorities and NGOs.

Project beneficiaries: 1136

  • 120 specialists in social places in Sibiu (decision makers and specialists from public entities) who will benefit from training sessions and will be involved in projects with
  • 1 member of professional associations
  • 15 specialists and decision makers of the NGOs active in the county
  • 1000 parents and carers and other family members of children / youth at risk in the community, of which 500 Roma.

Periodic progress and results:

  • During the period 2-9 November 2015 took place 5 information sessions concerning Social diagnosis.
  • During the period9 November-11 December 2015, Caravan for children’s rights arrives in 20 localities in Sibiu County.
  • Press release at the end of the Caravan for children’s rights in Sibiu County.
  • On 15 March 2016, it held The Enlarged meeting of the working – mid-term conference, which was discussed with regard to the current status of the project and results of social diagnosis at the county level. The meeting was attended by about 80 people, decision-making at the level of County, i.e. representatives of the County Council Sibiu, of the The County Agency for payments and Social Inspection , of the Sibiu County School Inspectorate, representatives of the mayoralty an NGO`s with activities in the field, as well as representatives of the mass media.
  • in the activity of „Development/adaptation and testing of a methodology of cooperation between Public Social Welfare Services within mayoralties and General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sibiu, they held three meetings of working, in June 13, 2016, the Medias (photos), in June 14, 2016, Sibiu (photos) and June 16, 2016, to Agnita (photos), attended representatives of the local SPAS in Sibiu County, along with representatives of the association SOS Children’s Villages Romania and of the DGASPC Sibiu. Press release.
  • During the period 19-23 September 2016, held training program attended by 100 people committed to public service/Social assistance to departments within mayoralties in the Sibiu County, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sibiu and of NGOs working in the field of child protection in Sibiu County. Photos.
  • In October 2016 was completed ” The specific methodology of working collaboration between Sibiu and Local Councils – SPAS/ bins in Sibiu County, on line child welfare and family”
  • On the basis of the conclusions of the Social Diagnosis as well as to verify the information received from district town halls, in October 2016 has been completed ” The action plan for the development of social services at the level of the Sibiu County, by mobilising existing resources towards priority areas identified as they were defined in the Social Diagnosis”.
  • On 25 October, 2016 held the final Conference of the project, at which project results were presented (Photos). On this occasion was given publicity and a press release.
  • Closing release project.

•  Preparatory activities and project management;

•  Procurements required for implementation;

•  Build a social diagnosis in all administrative -territorial units in Sibiu;

•  Conduct a training program for professionals from the local and county authorities and the NGOs;

•  Conduct a caravan on child rights in at least 20 places in Sibiu with a higher percentage of 10% of the Roma population.

•  Develop / adapt and test a methodology for cooperation between PSSAs and Child Protection Sibiu;

•  Develop an action plan at county level on the mobilization of existing resources to areas identified as priorities;

•  Audit activities;

•  Project monitoring and reporting;

The project directly contributes to achieving the overall objectives and expected results of the program, an initiative designed to better respond to the problems facing children at risk in Sibiu and fight against social exclusion of children from Roma communities from the center and north of Sibiu (at least 20 localities).


Association of SOS Children’s Villages Romania, NGOs with experience of over 20 years in Sibiu, will implement the project in partnership with DGASPC Sibiu, the institution responsible for children’s rights at the county level.


The partnership is a lengthy, which offer guarantees smooth project implementation and sustainability of the project results at the end.

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