Dear Future Citizens of the City of Good Deeds,

We say „welcome” to you! On behalf of 1,000 vulnerable children from the SOS Romania Children’s Villages programs. We built them real Villages of Good Deeds, SOS Villages, in 3 counties in the country, where they regain their childhood and fundamental rights.

All our children have lost parental support or are at risk of losing it, if the Citizens of the City of Good Deeds do not give them a chance for a better future.


Discover the whole collection of

Digital Virtual Toys

We invite you to join the City of Good Deeds, which is a virtual representation of the SOS intervention model!

How does it work?

The City of Good Deeds is a virtual space, where Good Deeds Citizens unite for children. The principal inhabitants of this city are, of course, Toys! Toys are in charge for accomplishing our world mision: A loving family for every child. We have specially prepared for you a collection of 480 Unique Virtual Toys, which you will receive as a token of recognition when you donate a certain amount of Crypto coins or regular money in this campaign addressed to all good people. Each digital toy gives childhood, safety and love to the 1000 children in our care.

The virtual  Legendary Animals and the AuthoriToys will fit perfectly on your screen or on your wall, always reminding that you are a part of a child’s better future! But if you want to become even more involved in the City of Good Deeds and make a bigger impact the children’s future, we prepared you a Citizenship Card! This makes you an honorary citizen with a series of real benefits that translate directly into your personal contribution into the welfare of vulnerable children and acces to our extended network, resources and events. Attention, there is only a limited number of 50 cards!

The Legendary Animals are insipired from Romania’s most iconic species. The collection is composed of only 10 Legendary Animals. The future of our children is deeply connected with biodiverisity: the  environment services that animals provide are essential for a healthy environment. Now, these magical creatures came to the web 3.0 to continue to support children virtually, too. They are the Legendary Sages, who take care that no bad deed will ever enter The City of Good Deeds. If you donate 250 euros, you will receive your unique virtual Legendary Animal, which will guide you to better deeds every day.

The AuthoriToys are the base of The City of Good Deeds: they guide, teach, protect and nurture our children’s chances in life. They are split into 4 patrools of 100 assets: The Robots, The Trains, The Gameboys and The Educatives. They are in charge with the authority in The City of Good Deeds and no one can escape their charm and inspiration. Donate 50 euros for the vulnerable children and chose your favorite Authoritoy from the 400 available, to inspire and entertain you every day! Robots are available now, click on the photo! Trains, SOS Retro Games and Educatives will be available on the 29th.

nft digital ai art

Good Deed Trains

Discover the 120 unique Virtual Trains that take children on the journey of a lifetime: one full of love, safety, joy and everything a child should receive! See the trains here >>>

Retro Games

Who didn’t play with the famous GameBoys or Tetris as a child? Turn nostalgia into a good deed! Discover now the 120 unique virtual toys and do a good deed! See the toys here >>>

nft digital ai art
nft digital ai art

Good Deed EduToys

Educational toys have an important mission: to give children the chance they deserve in life! Here, it turns into good deeds on the spot. Discover now the 120 unique virtual toys and give childhood to the most vulnerable of the little ones! See the 120 toys >>>

Robo SOS

Robots are the toys that made childhood more beautiful for many of us. Even in adulthood! Their role is to ensure that every child becomes exactly what they want. Each robot is unique and offers different future options for the children in their care. Discover the 120 robots >>>

nft digital ai art
nft digital ai art

Legendary Animals

Every legendary animal in Romania is now in web 3.0., in support of the 1000 children under the care of SOS. The role of nature in the future of children of the current generation will become increasingly important, and animals are a continuous source of learning. You can also have your favorite animal from the limited collection of only 10 figurines. See the 10 unique virtual animals >>>

nft digital ai art

SOS Citizenships

Become a Citizen in the City of Good Deeds! You get a number of benefits in real life and one of the toys as a gift, of your choice! You will enter the Great SOS Family with full rights!

1000 children will have, guaranteed, a better future if good people like you become Citizens. Careful! Only 50 cards are currently available. See here the 3D card >>>

Donate for children and be part of the Great SOS Family!

Frequent questions

1. Will I receive the toy by courier? No, the toys are exclusively digital, each one is unique.

2. What can I do with the digital toy? You can print it, you can use it as a screen saver or you can continue to do good deeds with it: if you put it up for sale afterwards, SOS will receive royalties as many times as it is sold further.

3. Can I pay with real money instead of cryptocurrencies? Sure, just make the appropriate donation on the site, then tell us which toy you want.

Thank you for your involvement!

For any questions, contact us at or on our Facebook Page.

Be one of the citizens of the City of Good Deeds!